About Me

Photoshop is my life, CGI is my passion and I've had over 20 years to hone my skills in both. I've worked as a high-end retoucher in prepress, magazine and advertising environments, understand high-pressure deadlines and know how to balance the need for quality with the necessity of getting the job back to the client in a timely manner. My 3d work was initially as a hobbyist, but I quickly began incorporating CGI elements as an adjunct to my retouching workflow. At DDB-NY I wore both hats, offering a seamless approach that allowed us to address the full range of imaging needs in today's graphics industry, whether advertising, magazine or other marketing venues.

While I bring my unique perspective and skill set to each project, my job, first and foremost, is to enable the photographer, artist or art director to realize their vision. If I can't make their vision my vision, I haven't done my job.

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